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ZIDART | Less is More | Open call for mural artists

The artist call for ZIDART – Street Art Festival 2024 | Civic Expressions | is now open!

If you are an artist and have a vision for one or more of these pillars, submit your proposal below and join us in our mission of bringing more balance to the world through art, creativity, and community spirit! Approaching multiple themes is encouraged.

The 6 civic expressions that we chose to amplify in the ZIDART 2024 edition are:

  1. Voter participation

  2. Active citizenship

  3. Information vs misinformation

  4. Mass media: digital media and broadcast media

  5. Culture and identity

  6. What is civism?

Voter participation

In order to have a functioning democracy it is very important that every citizen expresses his option by going to vote. If you are dissatisfied with society and the actions or non-actions of current political leaders, voting is the most convenient way to bring about change. Civic apathy, disinterest, or ignorance perpetuates the status quo and impedes societal progress.

Active citizenship

Civil society comprises non-governmental organizations and associations, dedicated to the welfare of the community. In this context, active citizenship plays an important role, involving the participation of individuals in civic and political life. An essential form of active citizenship is volunteering, by giving time and energy to help others, thereby building a stronger community. A united society is built through the involvement of each member, through voting, volunteering, civic dialogue or other actions through which we show our interest in the community.

Information from reliable sources vs. misinformation through fake or truncated news

We are invaded daily by all kinds of news and information that sometimes are difficult for us to check, it is a pressure that can overwhelm us, especially if we are constantly connected to the mass media, whether broadcast or digital. If we manage to apply critical thinking we can acquire the ability to navigate healthily through the information landscape of our days. It is not simple and no one is immune to misinformation!

Mass media: digital media and broadcast media

In the last two decades, social media has experienced rapid expansion. From pictures and videos to tweets and TikToks, this digital ecosystem fosters open and personal conversations, but we face the problem of distinguishing between genuine content or AI, and manipulation or transparency. And with all the flow of news, predominantly negative ones, trust in regulatory institutions is declining. In the digital landscape, where activists and politicians are constantly communicating, today the public has a real voice and power.

Culture and identity

Citizens should preserve, cherish and take pride in the values, culture and traditions of the country they come from, these elements representing our collective roots and the foundation on which national identity and unity is built.

What is civism?

For the sixth pillar, we encourage artists to express their own creativity, thinking and conception of what civics means to them and to society. What do you think of when you hear „Civic Expressions”?

We can’t wait to see how you express your style through your favorite themes!

Help us make the walls speak with your voice this year!

Submit your proposal below and join us in our mission of bringing more balance to the world through art, creativity, and community spirit!

Deadline for proposals: June 5st | 2024 | 23:59 

Submit your proposal right here!

* We will be selecting 6 proposals to be implemented during the festival.

** We will be covering transportation costs, accommodation, daily meals, materials, and resources for the implementation of the mural painting + a general artist fee.
***Most walls will have a portrait format, so keep in mind that your design should be adaptable enough to fit the format of the surface that you will be provided if your proposal is selected. Approximate wall size: 15 meter height X 10 meter width